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Fast Luck and Prosperity

Posted by Barbara Daca on March 21, 2011 at 5:08 PM Comments comments (0)

How to make Fast Luck and Prosperity Spray:

In a cheesecloth gather: dried seaweed, irish moss, sunflower petals, wild lettuce (dried), cinnamon bark chips, chamomile, peppermint, vervain, st. john's wort and five finger grass. Place it in an enameled or glass pot with Holy water or rain water and heat to boiling as you would for tea. Steep 10-15 minutes and bottle with a lucky hand root and a tigers eye gemstone.

Spell for Fast Luck Prosperity Spray:

(dip herbs in the bag three times and then leave) One to spare, one to share and one for all my worldy cares, 3 keys of opportunity (put three rusty old keys in the pot) One to spare, one to share and one for me! I will Prosperity to follow me, Lord and Lady - Mote it be! (or Mil Bon We!)

Ways to make your spells more effective:

Make up a secret code language all your own.

Use this language in your spell work.

Make you spell short sweet and rhyming if possible.

Mash your sentance together and remove repeat letters.

Make a nonsense word out of your spell.

Use your nonsense word in fun unrelatable ways.

Make a sign for your nonsense word.

Make stickers with your sign and nonsense word.

Stick them everywhere and then forget about them.

Let go and let the Universe take over - quit worrying or thinking about it.

Start small and like a ripple in a pond it will grow on its own.

Mil Bon We!

Spells for Protection

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Written on a piece of parchment and carried or on the bottom of your shoes it makes evil lose its way, keeps all ghosts and spirits at bay, breaks all spells of wizard and fae, and sends all attachments on thier way! It also works wonders as a spell of protection - especially if you suspect someone is stalking you.

To break a spell or curse set against you:

Take a length of red cord and 2 lengths of black and weave them together. Tie a knot at one end representing you and nine knots at the other end representing your victory over the plots against you. Visualize, and speak:

Between you and me this hex I break

For this hex was not right for you to make

So it's path I abruptly end

and back to you this hex I send!

Now cut the cord between you and the other knots and toss it in the middle of a crossroads that you wont ever go back to or flush in down the toliet!

Candle magick to remove a curse:

You will need: a red  tealight and a black one, and old cooking pot that you can toss, and natural water

Cast a circle of salt around you, dress your candle with your special oil (or enochs exorcism oil see products) then remove the black candle from its metal container and place it into the pot and surround it with  a little water. Now light the candle and sing: If truely hexed or cursed I came, then let it break with quench of flame! continue until the candle has burned enough to be quenched by the water - then say: Thy Divine Will to me - as I will it Mote it be! Dig a hole far from yourself and bury it all and never return to that spot. When you get home light the red candle and allow it to burn through.






This spell should be written with each letter in its own individual square and the box of letters encircled by three circles - design as you would with planetary designs, stars, moons, holy names etc.

Now if you do it on a plate, you can bless it and keep it in your house to banish all evil, including murderers and robbers as well as protect you from all fires, lightnings and posionings.  As well done on a plate, you can add the names of your enemies or shout them 3 times and then break the plate with all your might and bury it. Or on a piece of metal or parchment, you can carry with you or place under your pillow or in your car. It protects humans, animals and property alike.

Instant Karma Spell

Let cruelty pain and evil ways, follow these villians through all of thier days, reverse the torment they create, and turn on them a crueler fate!

Love Spells for the Five Elements

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Warning: Before beginning any love spell, make sure you are using the right intent - to love and be loved - if done for possession - then you will be the one possessed!

Secondly make sure you cast your circle and meditate on what your really want, and please be super specific and detailed as you will get exactly what you wish for! To aid each spell - add rose petals or vanilla and anything else you feel that may enhance the powers and directions of your spell and meditate your intentions within your circle of power before casting your spell. The full moon is best.

Fire Love Spell

Fire encircle my heart with your flame,

as I whisper my true loves name;

encircle, encompass all about,

fill his heart within, without!

Where upon he hears my voice,

True love unselfish bears no choice,

but to come unhindered here,

where I will forever hold dear!

Earth Love Spell

Upon the earth this spell I doth cast,

for True love to come and ever last!

O course a name I write upon,

the earth aflame dare ne're be gone!

Circle it, cast it, out to thee,

True love now return to me!

Air Love Spell

Love upon the air divine

send this spell ore space and time

send it through both wind and air

cast it well my heart doth bare

open up the channels met

make it so true love will set!

(now whisper your desire to the wind)

Water Love Spell

Within this scrying glass, I swirl and cast

A love so true, forever to last

True intention, now I speak

make him come to me this week

and if he dare speak my name

Set both our hearts forever aflame!

Guardian Angel Love Spell

Sing or chant:

Love within me, love without; love surround me all about! Love beneath me, Love above; Angels search for, my great love! Bring him here for me to adore, have hime knock on my front door!

Repeat: 3x whilst turning or dancing in a circle, imagine pure love building up inside you and being set free and led by the Angels to return in kind! And remember to dance with joy!

Witches Bottle Spell

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You will need: a large green or brown bottle that you can close the lid tightly on, rosemary, red wine, pins and needles, black and red tea light candles.

Cast your circle and light the black candle, meditate a few minutes as it absorbs the evil around you and then light the red candle to send all evil back.

Sing the spell (below) as you add the rosemary, needles and pins to the jar or bottle.


Pins and needles, rosemary and wine; In this witches bottle of mine. Needles and pins, wine and rosemary; guard against harm and do not tarry. Wine and rosemary, needles and pins; guard against evil and thier Jinn's. Rosemary and wine, pins and needles; guard against jealously and all other evils.

Take turns adding each one until the jar/bottle is filled. Cap it and drip the black and red waxes onto the bottle to seal it back and forth as you sing again:

Witches bottle that I see, capture all evil sent against me. Witches bottle red and black, send all evil against me back, witches bottle black and red, destroy all evil, kill it dead! Witches bottle one-two-three - this is my will - so mote it be!