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Witches Bottle Spell

Posted by Barbara Daca on May 6, 2010 at 2:18 PM

You will need: a large green or brown bottle that you can close the lid tightly on, rosemary, red wine, pins and needles, black and red tea light candles.

Cast your circle and light the black candle, meditate a few minutes as it absorbs the evil around you and then light the red candle to send all evil back.

Sing the spell (below) as you add the rosemary, needles and pins to the jar or bottle.


Pins and needles, rosemary and wine; In this witches bottle of mine. Needles and pins, wine and rosemary; guard against harm and do not tarry. Wine and rosemary, needles and pins; guard against evil and thier Jinn's. Rosemary and wine, pins and needles; guard against jealously and all other evils.

Take turns adding each one until the jar/bottle is filled. Cap it and drip the black and red waxes onto the bottle to seal it back and forth as you sing again:

Witches bottle that I see, capture all evil sent against me. Witches bottle red and black, send all evil against me back, witches bottle black and red, destroy all evil, kill it dead! Witches bottle one-two-three - this is my will - so mote it be! 

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