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Fast Luck and Prosperity

Posted by Barbara Daca on March 21, 2011 at 5:08 PM

How to make Fast Luck and Prosperity Spray:

In a cheesecloth gather: dried seaweed, irish moss, sunflower petals, wild lettuce (dried), cinnamon bark chips, chamomile, peppermint, vervain, st. john's wort and five finger grass. Place it in an enameled or glass pot with Holy water or rain water and heat to boiling as you would for tea. Steep 10-15 minutes and bottle with a lucky hand root and a tigers eye gemstone.

Spell for Fast Luck Prosperity Spray:

(dip herbs in the bag three times and then leave) One to spare, one to share and one for all my worldy cares, 3 keys of opportunity (put three rusty old keys in the pot) One to spare, one to share and one for me! I will Prosperity to follow me, Lord and Lady - Mote it be! (or Mil Bon We!)

Ways to make your spells more effective:

Make up a secret code language all your own.

Use this language in your spell work.

Make you spell short sweet and rhyming if possible.

Mash your sentance together and remove repeat letters.

Make a nonsense word out of your spell.

Use your nonsense word in fun unrelatable ways.

Make a sign for your nonsense word.

Make stickers with your sign and nonsense word.

Stick them everywhere and then forget about them.

Let go and let the Universe take over - quit worrying or thinking about it.

Start small and like a ripple in a pond it will grow on its own.

Mil Bon We!

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