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Oils for blessings, protection and exorcisms


Blessed Oil: An all purpose oil, prayerfully blessed, useful for anything. 1 oz bottle

Enoch's Exorcism: also called Satan Be Gone or Hexbane - useful in banishings, exorcisms, cleansings and high rituals. 1 oz bottle

Van Van Oil: used for protection etc. 1 oz bottle

Banga Oil: used for annointing items for ceremonial or proper use. 1 oz bottle

Oil of Asherah: Oil of Mercy; used for namings, handfastings, croneings, blessings etc.

Queen Bee: Oil for Spell working to get your way, or bend the winds of change to you.

Magick Massage Oil: used for you and your lover. 3 oz bottle

3 Witches: for children to enhance sweet dreams and protect them. 3 oz bottle




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