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Blessed Water: and all purpose prayerfully blessed water (do not drink - may use as a gargle)

4 Thieves: also called plague formula, used for internal washing and health. 3 oz bottle

Florida Water: used as a perfume to keep away evil. 3 oz water

Scrying Wash: used on magick mirrors, scrying plates, and crystal balls etc. 3 oz bottle

Monsters Be Gone: a spray bottle filled with the stuff that drive monsters away!

Come to Me: a general perfume used to draw people/conditions to you. 1 oz bottle

Come Hither: a drawing perfume used to attract loving situations 1 oz bottle

Sweet Heaven: a drawing perfume used for acceptance. 1 oz bottle

Love Potion no. 7: a love potion used  to bind your love together. 2 x 1 oz bottles

Love Potion no. 9: a love potion used to open your heart to the love around you. 2 x 1 oz bottles



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