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Herbal Salves and Teas


Black Drawing Salve: a salve used to draw out poisons from bites and stings.

Green Healing Salve: a salve used to heal cuts and abrasions. 2 oz

Burn Balm: a salve to soothe burns and expediate healing. 2 oz

Suffering Salve: a salve used to alleviate pain and suffering of joints. 2 0z.

Sweet Dreams Tea: a tea useful for before bedtime to ease away the stresses of the day away. 3.5 oz loose leaf tin enough for 20 bags

A Winter's Tea: a tea useful to combat colds and flu and stay healty all winter's long 3.5 oz loose leaf tin enough for 20 bags

* All salves and teas are made with organic herbs, however while safe please do not eat. Individual salves and teas can be made for your specific needs. Please contact us for details and bulk sizing.

Which salve or tea are you in need of and do you have any specific medical concerns, medications or allergies that we should be made aware of?

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