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Making a Besom

I will sweep with a besom of destruction, saith the Lord of Hosts - Isaiah 14:23

Therefore your besoms true purpose is to get rid of evil, and any entities that may be about. Astral projection is another matter entirely and should never be attempted by a novice or the well initiated without the proper instruction and tools - of which one is your besom.

Your Besom should be made of Black Birch, Witch Hazel or Willow withe (bendable branches). It is best to have a crook in the handle. The handle itself is best worked in Witch Hazel wood (fallen is best unless you own your own tree) with the bottom or head made of birch twigs and bound with split withy (willow stems) and secured 3 times about. Burn John the conqueror incense while putting together, a purple candle amber and musk for power, and bless it completely before using and to cleanse it.

Spell to chant while making your besom:

By incense smoke and candles flame; away from me  I send all bane, by cleansing water and power of salt, let all harm come to naught.

To any who would wish me pain, may all thier curses be in vain, and all that blocks me from sucess,with this besom I lay to rest.

Harm to none and good to all, Lord and Lady hear my call; As I do will to thee, so this spell now Mote it Be!

The purpose of your besom is to sweep away all evil so you should first annoint it with Banga Oil (see products), bless it and leave it out on the three days of the full moon then leave it with the bristle pointed up by your doorway to protect your home from evil spirits or any sources of negatvity - never let anyone use it but you!

Other Wise Ways:

And the Lord saith to satan, the Lord rebuke thee satan! Zecharia 3:2

Besom, Besom, long and lithe; made from hazel and willow withe, tied with twigs of black birch bark, in running stream at moonset dark.

As the ritual bonfire is filled, sweep ye circle, deosil.  Sweep out evil, sweep out ill, make a round of the ground, where ye do the lady's will.

Besom, besom, Lady's broom, sweep out darkness, sweep out doom, rid ye Lady's hallowed ground, of demons, imps and hell's red hound.

Then set ye rest on her green earth, by running stream, or mistress' hearth, til called again on moon or sabbat night, to cleanse once more, the dancing site!

 A home cleansing spell:

To cleanse this home with love and light, I know what I must do this night! Lord and Lady I ask of Thee, to bless my home and hearth times three! Here all negative spirits be gone! I send thee away with broom and song.

Within these walls you may not stay! I banish you OUT now go on your way! (stomp foot and spit thrice) Now Love and  Light come in this space, and fill each room with thy grace! Lord and Lady, leave no trace, of ill or evil in this place.

Imprint thy essence and heal this dome and make it a place that I can call home. Let only love and light come in through the door, and block all evil forever more! So that thy good may always visit me, Your will be mine, now Mote it Be!

Getting rid of unwanted vistors:

Sweep them out the door, down the steps, off the path and away from your property - as soon as they leave or for stubborn ones while they are there - again stamp thy foot and spit thrice and say Good Riddence!

Now a brief warning - never set your besom by your bed or by a rocking chair as it will deposit it the evil it picks up there!

Never take your besom from one house to another, or all your ills will follow you brother!

And a few more spells!

Witches broom swift in flight, cast out darkness, bring in light! Earth be hallow, Air be clear, Fire bright and Water heal! A sacred bridge, this site shall be, as my will, so mote it be!

Sweep out evil, sweep out ill, where I do the Lady's will, besom, besom, Lady's broom, sweep out darkenss, sweep out doom! stomp my foot and spit times three, so be it now blessed be!

This circle I sweep with besom and heather, all harmful spirits must vanish and scatter. This circle I sweep with besom and heather, all peace and good are invited to enter.