One Pot Witchery

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Making your Wand

Hazel is a holy tree, put on earth for you and me; rods from it uses be: water, metal, divination three!

Hazel is used by "water witches" to find water - to do so you will need to find a forked branch. Trim it and hold the two ends with the third point aiming up  then walk around the property and when you run across water at a depth that it can be welled up - the point will go down.

To use it to find metal, you would place it on a circular piece and spin it like you would on a board game - then follow the path it points to.

For divination, ones wand is a piece of power that extends from you yourself and should be made of one of the nine sacred woods - of course a stick you find washed up by the sea or riverbed has great magickal power also!

The power if the nine sacred woods is ascribed to thier powers to help in visiting the other realms. Oak offers a circle of protection about you as Birch banishes all sprits from you or your doings lest they return with you and work against your spell. Hawthorn stands as the guardian of the gateways, which are opened with Apple which are the keys to the doors of Hazel, the pathway is guided by Willow to and from the hidden realms where the spirts are summoned by Rowan and the visons provided by Fir arise as the spirit of the Oracle of the Vine speaks.

Now to the vine is often ascribed Grape, but Ivy for a woman and Holly for a man works as well. Some substitutions may be necessary due to availiabity in your area - for instance rose works for rowan as they are the same family and ash works for hazel as it works the same purpose.

Enoch's Exorcism oil or Van Van (available on the product page) work well for annointing.

Wand Incantation:

Deep within the power of yore, bring to this moment the forces of four, Water, Earth, Wind and Fire, By strength of spirit and mark of gyre.

Upon my power and within my heart, I invoke this wand to do its part, foretold by ancestral lore of eld, when called upon and rightly held.

O wand of noble birth and hew, bestow upon me my right and rue; take up the scent of essence near, be it exorcist, witch or seer.

And do so bode on charm and call, till dust and light the world enthrall, harm to none and good to all, Lord and Lady hear my call.

Your infinate power lend to this spell, make it potent strong and well; as I give my will to Thee, to this spell now mote it be!