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One Pot Witchery 

One Pot Witchery is a family coven of Appalachian Mountain Witchs who can trace our geneology back to Anna and Margaret Foust at the Witch Trials at Witch Tower in Germany during the 1500's. Since then and until recently we have kept to ourselves as strictly a family clan passing down important knowledge and magickal recipes through our generations and keeping them in tight knit secrecy. We now acknowledge the shift in consciousness and have chosen to come forward and spread the knowledge as part of the global effort towards Ascension, Healing and Peace. As well we desired to give the seeker a safe and wise alternative to the charletons who are seeking to divert and take advantage of your Spiritual Attunement. As such we are fully committed to providing you with as much hands on access and training as possible. Towards this effort our products and learning are open to all for we believe the Universal Holy Goddess will sift away all those who do not belong here.

(The Most Rev. Mother) Barbara Ann Daca, DDiv is our High Priestess. Besides being trained throughout her life in the family Witchery, she is ordained (with Apostolic Succession) through the German Old Catholic, Spanish Old Catholic and Phillipine Independant Catholic Churches. Barbara Ann has a Doctorate of Divinity which includes Religious Philosophy, Sociology, Theology, Religious Law, Counseling and Catechist. She is in charge of all classes, writes all spells ( unless otherwise noted) and makes all oils, salves, and teas. She is the end Power in all things. Her books are available on, She runs, She has a store on EBay (seller:wi6tch) and is available as a legal officiate in all ceremonies. Your can contact her at

Amethyst Moon Aka Rev. April Caudill is our Priestess. She also retains her Deaconate through Old Catholic Orthodox church. She is the Head Mistress in our Witch School and all instruction and tests run through her. She is also our Tech Genius and runs most of our posts on our One Pot Witchery Facebook page. She also in in charge of One Pot Witchery's Etsy page. She is available as an officiate for HandFastings and Namings. You can contact her at

RavenWolf Arrowood aka Heather Renee Ferris...

Rev. Kim Karkkanian is our sister Priestess. She is legally officiated through the Universal Life Church and cross trained/ordained as an exorcist in the Old Catholic Orthodox church. She has a  Sister Coven called Celtic Lunar Circle. She has been associated with One Pot for over 11 years and she is cross trained in all aspects. She is available for HandFastings and Namings. She also runs a Pagan Tutoring Program to help Special Needs children progess academically. You can usually find her on FaceBook.

 Another Sister Coven we would like to mention here is the Eye of the Cat in Long Beach Ca, run by their High priestess, Rev. Kelly Hernandez. She also runs how to, hands on classes and is ordained to do all ceremonies. They make all their own candles, oils and bath salts. A real treat to walk into if you are in the area. We have been had along association of over 20 years.

Readings: We are often asked to do readings. They are available as follows: Paid in advance through PayPal and scheduled with Barbara Ann Daca..$60, Amethyst Moon and RavenWolf Arrowood are $45.  Readings are not charged by the minute. You will be contacted by phone at a time you choose to be convenient.  If you are not available they can be rescheduled twice and then are forfieted. We do offer free readings through Facebook periodically through out the year. Handfastings/Weddings, Counseling, Namings, Cronings Etc: can be arranged with either Barbara Ann Daca for $300. Handfastings and namings can be arranged with Amethyt Moon for $ or barter is available for goods or services rendered.




People of One Pot Witchery

Rev. Mother Barbara Ann Daca, MDiv
High Priestess, One Pot Witchery
Druid (RDNA)
Shamanic Ptactitioner (CSD)
Reiki Master (Usui/Takata/Rand)
Priest, Orthodox Catholic Church
In Partnership w/ The Magickal Moon
Rev. Kimberly
Priestess, One Pot Witchery
Minister, Universal Life Ministries
Druid (RDNA)
Rhonda Fox
Apprentise, One Pot Witchery
Owner, The Magickal Moon
Amethyst Moon
Apprentise, One Pot Witchery
Tech Witch extraordinaire!