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You and Your Cauldron

Cauldrons come in many sizes and have many uses. You can spend alot of money on something fancy and small or your can go to Harbor Frieght and by a cast iron dutch oven for a reasonable price and you will be able to use it for everything - this is what we do (of course little witch has a smaller fancy one that she can carry - but ours are plain and between 12-14 inches and we use them for everything)

When you first find your cauldron/dutch oven, you willl need to season it well. This is good because there are many things you can do while seasoning your cauldron like make black salt or dry herbs in it etc.

To season it properly; mix sea salt, olive oil and garlic (other things may be added) and rub it on all sides, inside and out - then either bake it all day or throw it into a bonfire to seal a hard black surface onto it. You may do this several times to get it to the way you want it, and you may from time to time redo it to keep it up.

To clean your cauldron, it is best scrubbed with salt and olive oil  or apple cider vinegar works well- however many wash thiers, warm it on the stove to dry and just rub a little oil into it afterwards.

Now what are you going to use it for? well you can cook in it - smile - but it works well  as a scrying glass or a portable altar by loading things inside and turning the lid upside down when you get there. Its also good for a variety of spells and since its cast iron it holds a memory or piece of every magick you do in it - so be careful what magick you do in it - especially if you use yours to cook afterwards!

Spells for a Cauldron:

Scrying into your Cauldron

This is best done with a candle surrounded by some natural water and works well through meditation and visualazation or fill your cauldron with natural water and light the candle offsides on the lid. Add either marigold or buttercups petals, sage or thyme flowers and stir them in a clockwise motion and chant:

Into the threads of time I cast my thoughts, to cast a glimpse of what will be; O Lovely Goddess of All bring to me, the lovely gift of your prophesy!

Irresistible Spell

1 red candle, your cauldron, natural water, 3 drops vanilla, 5 mulberrries, 7 peppercorns, 9 rose petals and 11 seeds of thyme

Pour the water and ingrediants into your cauldron, light your candle on the lid, swirl the ingrediants around  9 times saying: Irresistible fires to me flow, Irresistible were 'er I go; Irresistible waters surround me about, as I put this candle out - now dowse the candle with the water and go.

Seven Day Uncrossing (done on the waning moon)

Overcomes strong curses (we have uncrossing powder to add power to this)

Pust dirt into your cauldron, and take some white candles (an odd number) one representing you in the middle and  taller ones to represent the curses set agianst you.

Light you and then the curses.

Now there are several versions:

Version one: recite psalms 51 and 37; 13 times

Version two: recite Starhawks banishing Incantation 13 times ***

Version three: recite the uncrossing spell 13 times +++

Then let all the candles burn into the dirt and dispose of in paper bag, buried and repeat 6 more days in a row.

***Starhawks banishing incantation

Spirits of evil, unfriendly beings, unwanted guests be gone! Leave us! Leave this place, Go now or be cast into the outer darkness! Go now or be cast into the watery abyss! Go now or be cast into the lake of fire! Go or be torn by the whirlwind! By the Powers that be of Life, Death and Eternity! This be my will, so Mote it Be!

I Banish thee, I banish thee, I banish thee! Be gone!

Remember the cauldron works well, where so ever you are - so if you are only renting a room or out in the forest- you can still burn a candle or incense inside a cauldron perfectly safely. Its really the perfect witch all season kit - so take care of it!